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Developing a Social Security Claiming Strategy - Updated for 2022

Workshop Title ThumbnailsDeveloping a social security Claiming strategy

Hosted by Wade Pfau.

For the vast majority of Americans, Social Security benefits serve as the core of a retirement income strategy. As a government-backed, inflation-adjusted monthly income for life, Social Security benefits help to manage longevity risk, inflation risk, and market risk. In addition to retirement worker benefits, Social Security also provides spousal, survivor, and dependent benefits on the worker’s earnings record.

It is vital to understand that the Social Security claiming decision should be made independently from when one decides to leave the labor force. Claiming decisions should not be taken lightly. It is possible to gain much from Social Security simply by understanding how the system works.

This workshop will walk you through the steps required to have a firm understanding about Social Security and how to approach claiming benefits for your household. We will discuss how Social Security benefits are calculated and how to factor in issues such a spousal and survivor benefit for couples, dependent benefits, and benefits for divorcees. We will also look at the earnings test, the windfall elimination provision and government pension offset for those spending a portion of their careers outside of the Social Security system, and cases where benefits may be suspended.

We also consider the philosophies about claiming Social Security, including its insurance value to protect for a long-life, breakeven analyses on when delaying benefits will pay off, and the applicability of arguments made in favor of claiming Social Security early. The latter involves a discussion of Social Security's history, and potential reform options related to what may happen as the Social Security trust fund approaches depletion. We will finish by looking at case studies about Social Security claiming using a free open-source online Social Security calculator. The intention for this workshop is to give you the knowledge and confidence to approach the Social Security claiming decision in the manner that can create the most long-term value for your retirement income plan.

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